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Name:Walking Dead Graphics
Website:LiveJournal Mirror
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A graphics community for 'The Walking Dead'







"Not the ones they put down... the Walkers."

Welcome to [community profile] walker_graphics, a graphics community for artists and fans of AMC and Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead universe. Everyone is invited to join, regardless of what skill level you happen to be at. All things related to The Walking Dead (comics and tv) graphics (screencaps, pencil drawn fanart, icons, manipulations, blends, wallapers, vector art, etc and etcetera.) are welcome here. Due to the nature of the series, you must be 18 years or older to join the community. No Exceptions

Be polite to your fellow members. There may be difference of opinions but please, no personal attacks or name calling. This is a light-hearted fan community, let's not make it a negative experience. If you continue to be a problem in this community, you'll be banned from posting.

o1 → Indicate what the contents of your post contain (fanart or screencaps, etc) in the subject title (Example #1: "TITLE | CHARACTER/PAIRING | EPISODE |" - Example #1: "1x01 Screencaps / Icons / Fanart).

o2 → If you would like to use a graphic or picture for your own purposes (lj layout, website graphic, etc) always ask the creator of the graphic for permission and credit them.

o3 → Only 3 Icons can be shown outside of a cut. Not four, five or six. Three (Tres). All icon previewed must feature the Walking Dead. Posts pertaining otherwise will be rejected. Moderated posting or not.

o4 → Images previewed outside of a Livejournal cut CANNOT be larger than 200x200 or 300x300 pixels. All images beyond this size must be placed behind a cut (otherwise the post will be deleted).

o5 → We prefer that you don't post preview graphics that contain explicit sexual content above the G/PG-13 rating. The same can said of het. Moreover, always place warnings on your posts if your artwork is above PG/PG-13 rated. If your unable to work with this rule don't bother joining.

o6 → Don't know how to make a LiveJournal Cut? Click Here to find out how.

o7 → No advertisements for other communities is allowed.

o8 → Please include a graphic in all of your posts. This is what the community is here for. Posts containing nothing but a description of what's been posted either here or @ your personal journal/community is not welcome in the least.

o9 → Absolutely NO HOTLINKING images. If you have images you wish to upload, please use your Scrapbook or Image hosting websites (,,, imagebam etc). Do not use the Bandwidth from another website, its what people call "Bandwidth Stealing" and its not nice.

10 → Wanna become an Affilate with [community profile] walker_graphics? Please leave a post HERE to let me know and you'll be added.

11 → Posts will be tagged with graphic makers username. To request a tag for your post click here

12 → Failure to comply to the rules will result in a permaban from the community.

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